Well Child/Sports Physicals in Scottsdale, AZ

A well child exam with an experienced medical provider assesses a child’s overall health, growth and development. 

Well Child/Sports Physicals

It is important children are seen annually by their physician regardless of how many sick visits a child has had throughout the year.  A well child exam with an experienced medical provider assesses a child’s overall health, growth and development.  These exams and times of discussion will focus on checking that children are reaching their milestones, learning appropriate social behaviors, learning at a pace appropriate for their age, assessing their nutritional well-being, assessing a child’s emotional well-being, and assessing their overall physical health.

In addition to an overall physical and wellness exam conducted by a medical provider, parents and care providers will have time to address any concerns or questions during a well-child exam.  By raising concerns or asking questions, you and your medical provider can develop a plan as a team to help each individual child maximize their health and wellness throughout the coming year.  Additionally, you medical provider may recommend additional testing or lab work if needed and plan a treatment or care approach for any health concerns or issues.  Finally, your will receive their annual immunizations to maximize their health.

At your child’s sports physical your medical provider will conduct a comprehensive physical examination including height, weight, blood pressure, vision exam, family history, musculoskeletal exam, cardiovascular exam, lung exam, and more.  Schools and some sports organizations will require athletes to have a sports physical completed before competition begins.  A sports physical is different from your child’s annual well child exam because your medical provider will be specifically focusing on areas of concern or anything that might put your child at increased risk of injury by participating gin sports.  Sports physicals are generally required annually because so much growth and changes happens in a child’s life each year.  Any health conditions or previous injuries will be discussed so that they can be monitored ore prepared for to reduce injury risk and allow your child to be cleared to participate in the sports they want.  At the end of the exam your medical provider will give you signed documentation that your child has been cleared to participate in sports.

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