Sports Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ

Athletes that compete in any sport at any level often need the attention of a sports medicine physician.

Sports Medicine

Athletes that compete in any sport at any level often need the attention of a sports medicine physician.  Working with coaches and trainers, you will receive medical care and treatments according to your specific sports and health needs.  Injury, inflammation, and pain are common in athletes which is why sports medicine appointment are such an important part of keeping an athlete healthy and ready for competition.

Sports medicine often has two primary components much like other medicine, prevention and treatment.  We work closely with athletes to prevent injury, pain, inflammation or other problems that could diminish their athletic performance or hinder their ability to compete.  In addition to preventive sports medicine, we work with athletes as well as their trainers and physical therapists to treat injuries, inflammation and pain.  We also help optimize surgical recovery for sports injuries.

At your sports medicine appointments, we will ask you questions about how often you train or exercise.  We will ask about the level of intensity at which you train or exercise.  Whether or not you train or exercise for competitive reasons. If you have experienced injuries in the past related to your athletic endeavors.  And we will also assess your overall health and address any pre-existing health conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, or other health concerns. Regardless of your activity or athletic level, sports medicine physicians work with patients to maximize activity level for health and athletic performance.

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