Vaccinations are an effective way of protecting you against harmful diseases, before you come into contact with them.


Immunizations not only improve your overall health by keeping you healthy and preventing illness and disease, but they are also protecting others including children, elderly, and immunocompromised individuals who can’t receive the vaccine themselves.  Immunizations are important as there are illnesses and diseases that are life threatening, have no treatment or cure.  While most routine vaccines are administered during childhood, there are routine adulthood vaccines that should be administered.  These recommendations are based on age, job, lifestyle, and additional health risk factors or other indications.

Immunization Schedules | CDC 

MONKEYPOX Vaccine Eligibility | Maricopa County

When traveling to other countries there are immunizations or boosters that are recommended or required to protect you from diseases or illnesses that are prevalent in other countries.   Plan ahead as it is recommended to vaccinate a month prior to traveling to ensure effectiveness and be cleared for travel by U.S. and foreign governments.

Travel Vaccines | CDC

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