Minimally Invasive Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

The human skin is a delicate part of the human body, and its ability to rejuvenate and protect itself diminishes as a person gets older. This is what leads to the formation of wrinkles on your skin. Lack of natural oils, sun damage and other factors cause it to become thinner and less elastic. If you find wrinkles unsightly and are looking for ways to lessen them, then there are a
few options available.

Change Your Makeup Routine

One way to reduce the look of wrinkles that is probably the easiest and least costly is to cover them with makeup. However, this is also the most temporary thing to do since all you are doing is hiding their appearance for a short duration.

Medications and OTC Creams

Another avenue to lessen the appearance of wrinkles is by using specific skin creams. There are some available by prescription only, and numerous options that can be found for purchase over the counter. The results you see with these can vary greatly and depend on several factors:

  • Depth and extent of the wrinkles.
  • Amount of vitamins (such as Retinol) in the product.
  • Length of time the cream is used for.
  • The benefit of creams and medications is that they are easy to apply and the results will be more than temporary. The disadvantage is it could be weeks or months before any real results are seen.


A more long-lasting approach is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with Microneedling with PRP. Microneedling is a surgical procedure and is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate skin. It works by creating tiny injuries in the skin, utilizing the body’s natural healing and boosted collagen production to improve the skin in those areas.

This can be enhanced with the addition of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelets from your own blood are used in the procedure and can help enhance the healing process and provide better results that microneedling alone.