3 Ways to Fight Aging Skin

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth.  But, until someone finds it, there are a variety of anti-aging skin treatments and procedures that can help turn back the hands of time and signs of aging, fight future damage, and give your skin the best appearance possible.  No one is immune to aging.  Our skin endures a lot on a daily basis.  Everything from the sun, to the weather, to pollutants and free radicals in the air, to smiling, to frowning, and everything in between will lead to fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging skin.  There are many different options when it comes to anti-aging skincare and treatments – some more invasive than others.  No matter what your budget is or how in-depth you want to go with treatment, there is an anti-aging skincare option for you!  At DC Ranch Family Medicine, we address the diverse skincare needs of our patients by offering a variety of anti-aging treatments.  Below are three great options for fighting the signs of aging and giving your skin the most youthful appearance.

3 Ways to Fight Aging Skin

1. RF Wrinkle Reduction

RF Wrinkle Reduction has a non-invasive treatment called Pellevé that we offer to our patients.  Pellevé uses radio frequency to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  There are absolutely no needles or surgery involved! This procedure has no downtime so it is ideal for even the busiest of schedules because you can literally go right back to work after!  Pellevé is ideal for treating fine lines, smile lines, crow’s feet and any other bothersome creases.  Though results can be seen with just one treatment, a series of treatments are recommended to maximize collagen production.

2. MD Chemical Peels

Jan Marini Skin Research is a brand of products including chemical peels that are medical grade and only available in a physician’s office.  The quality of these products is so concentrated and outstanding that they produce stellar results for our patients!  Jan Marini Skin Research has a myriad of products to comprehensively address a multitude of skincare needs.  We offer our patients the entire product line of Jan Marini Skin Research and offer the MD Chemical Peel right in our office.  The MD Chemical peel utilizes a high concentration of multiple acids that will dramatically improve the pigment of skin as well as resurface the skin to provide an improved texture.

3. Injections and/or Fillers

At DC Ranch Family Medicine, Dr. Perez expertly administers a wide selection of injections and fillers for our patients.  These injections and fillers include Dysport, Restylane,  Restylane Silk, and Restylane Lift.  Each different injection or filler can be used for a variety of different skincare and aging needs.  Dr. Perez will make recommendations based on the location that needs treatment, severity of fine lines and wrinkles, and patient’s long-term skincare goals.  The result duration varies but can last as long as 18 months.